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At The Table With: Tony Er

11 November 2022 by Food&HotelAsia


FHA Insider caught up with Tony Er the International Marketing Director of DagangHalal, and we find out how was his experience at FHA-Food & Beverage 2022!

How was the FHA-Food & Beverage tradeshow for you?

Tony: FHA-Food & Beverage 2022 was a very fruitful tradeshow post-Covid-19 pandemic, and was well organised. What we like about FHA-Food & Beverage 2022 is the boundless physical networking sessions among industry-leading importers, distributors, and retailers.

What has been the biggest take away from the event?

Tony: Firstly, the biggest gain is the increased visibility of the company, and next is that we received a lot of inquiries about cooperation.

We also managed to create brand awareness of our new brands Ki.TA, BlackMo, LottoFood and Dr. Aisha.

There has been good product feedback/responses and we have attracted many potential buyers and distributors.

Has there been new business made from the event? Are there ongoing partnership talks?

Tony: Yes, there are some new businesses coming in, and these are currently being negotiated.


What are some of the benefits DagangHalal brings to the F&B industry?

Tony : Generally, 4 new SKUs have a longer shelf life (18 months – 24 months).

Better taste as we co-develop our products with Master Chefs/industry experts/doctors/food technologists/nutritionists)

We are also proud to say that these products are a healthier choice for end consumers.



What is next for DagangHalal?

Tony: Our company will raise funds from various channels in order to continue developing more star products, improve our professional capabilities and continue to attend different international exhibitions to increase our product and brand awareness for Ki.Ta, BlackMo, LottoFood, Dr. Aisha as well as upcoming brands.

Are there any plans to join FHA-Food & Beverage in April 2023?

John: We already asked for an early bird package, and are waiting for the application form to be filled!

What can we look forward to for the brand in the near future?

Tony: Our products will be directed towards a trendy and healthy market with the achievement of healthier choices, allowing the practice of low sugar and low-fat lifestyle.

We will also target the HoReCa industry (restaurant, cafe, hotel, catering business) and expand our Export market in the region of ASEAN, Middle East and China.

We are also developing more products (oats cereal drink, flavored latte, flavoured milk tea) and RTD.


Thanks Tony! We can’t wait to see what DagangHalal brings to FHA-Food & Beverage in April 2023!