As vaccine inequity threatens to undermine global economic recovery, drinks manufacturers are starting to adapt quicker to uneven market openings and the seismic shifts caused by the pandemic. Being it wine and spirits, soft drinks, RTD’s, low or no alcohol beverages, more producers pivot to opportunities in demographic trends, take advantage of new technologies or innovate their e-retail to map out strategies and resilience in the short term. However, long-term imperatives have been accelerated by the pandemic as industry boundaries are blurring and technology is commoditizing or making existing business models obsolete more quickly.

The total alcoholic beverage volume across 19 Asia Pacific markets has decreased by 8% in 2020 with long-term volume recovery expected to only return to pre-Covid levels by 2025. Though the big four spirits manufacturers Diageo, LVMH, Campari and Becle beat market expectation leading the way with positive signs of recovery. Likewise, SEA’s markets are expected to gain over 2% in volume and over 4% in value in the alcohol segment by the end of 2021.

Soft drinks, juices, functional beverages, coffee or tea see momentum growth, however the road to recovery remains long as foodservice’s large volume declines have long-lasting effects forcing manufacturers to reduce SKUs, discontinue underperforming brands and focus on higher margin products.

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Market Opportunities & Consumer Trends Asia Pacific

  • Beverage in Retail
  • RTD’s, Low / No Alc. Drinks
  • Wine Market in SEA
  • Spirits & Cocktails Trends
  • Country SWOT Analysis

Innovation & Technology

  • Coffee, Supply Chains & Sustainability
  • Data & Direct to Consumer
  • Influencer & Omnichannel Marketing
  • BevTech Priorities in 2021

Product Discovery & Specialty Foods

  • Specialty Coffee
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Japanese Sake
  • Functional Drinks
  • Soft Drinks


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*Singapore time (UTC+8)

Note: The programme is accurate at time of update and may be subject to change.

10:30 Welcome to FHA Match: Drinks

  • What are the highlights?
  • How to get the most out of FHA Match?
  • How to connect with other delegates?
10:40 – 11:00

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Drinks Growth in Asia Pacific: Identifying Country and Demographic Opportunities with Flavours, Tastes and Health Preferences

Based on the latest GlobalData consumer survey results, this intelligence session will examine the six largest Southeast Asian economies to reveal unique growth opportunities for beverages producers as the region slowly emerges from the pandemic. Since demographic shifts heavily impact the performance of various drinks categories, this segment will deep dive into:

  • Attitudes towards multinational brands compared to private labels
  • Artisan labels vs local brands
  • Tastes and flavour differences between countries and generations
  • Health trends in drinks and ingredients and how will health concerns impact the market

Join us for an insightful presentation into Covid’s latest new normal for the drinks market in South East Asia.

Speaker: Tim Hill

Key Accounts Director, GlobalData

11:00 – 11:45

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Towards a Sustainable Coffee Future in Asia: Climate Threads, Tech & Transparency

As coffee is becoming a key commodity for South-East Asia, worth US$6.2 billion or 16% of the world’s coffee exports we are exploring what the industry is able to do to become more sustainable. The global coffee market has almost doubled to $90 billion over the past ten years and is projected to reach $102.28 billion by 2023. A staggering 95 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK alone every day, with this figure estimated to be two billion cups worldwide. Indonesia and Vietnam are among the world’s top coffee producers though the industry growth is accompanied by several sustainability challenges.
We ask whether addressing these is transforming the entire coffee sector or rather leading to market differentiation. Drawing on the latest research data on coffee in Asia, the expert panel will discuss how Covid has accelerated the need to improve sustainable practices, increase consumer confidence through progressive transparency and unlock innovation in the manufacturing process. Join us for an intriguing exchange on:

  • Innovative and sustainable growing programs
  • How data can drive transparency, equity and sustainability
  • Industry standards & voluntary programs addressing climate change
  • Covid & recovery, prices and growth potential
  • Latest technologies in supply chain innovation
Speaker: Avinash Desamangalam

Research Manager, Food & Agriculture, Mordor Intelligence

Speaker: Dave D’Haeze

Senior Consultant Sustainable Coffee Production

Speaker: Leo Silimakuta

Co-Owner Lisa & Leo’s Organic Coffee, Head of Farmer’s Training & Education Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia

Speaker: Michael Chrisment

CEO, Farmer Connect

Moderated by: Pacita Juan

Chairperson, Philippine Coffee Board & 2nd Vice President, ASEAN Coffee Federation


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What Makes a Great Coffee Distributor?! – Fireside Chat

Discover the personal journey of F&B professionals during this short conversation.

Speaker: Tammy Chua

Regional Marketing Manager, Boncafé International

11:55 – 12:15

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Big Beverage Perspectives SEA: From Retail to Rebound?

As the global pandemic accelerated the shift towards an innovated retail sector, drinks manufacturers took advantages of e-commerce to offset the loss from foodservice channels and prioritized investments to meet new consumer needs in 2020. Gearing up for a stronger 2022-25 period, drinks businesses and distributors are continuing to stay adaptable in their retail strategy to fend off competition, though large differences in FMCG categories remain as navigating supply-chain factors and changing consumer trends prove tricky. Based on the latest data, Nielsen IQ poses the questions of:

  • How to win in FMCG and beverage retail in 2021 and beyond?
  • What are the latest FMCG trends across 12 markets in Asia?
  • What’s next for Ready-to-drink alcohol segments (RTD’s)?
  • What are the Super-category dynamics and how drinks compares?
  • What are the fastest growing drinks categories in selected markets?
  • Where are novel opportunities for beverage producers?

Join this intelligence session to have a quick guide on how to succeed in channel strategy, assortment planning, manufacturing and pricing for an industry that is adapting to the long-term Covid effects

Speaker: Craig Houliston

Director, Customer Success, Nielsen IQ

12:20 Networking Break – FHA Match

Do use this time to connect with other delegates on the platform, check out exhibitors discover new products or have video calls with your contacts.

14:00 – 14:45

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Alcoholic Beverages from Ireland: Discover a Time-Honored Tradition

Join the Irish Food Board on a virtual journey through the Republic of Ireland and discover our time-honored tradition of alcohol production. Find out what makes Irish alcohol uniquely recognised and globally prized—from our fortuitous island location to our national sustainability programme Origin Green. Meet Irish whiskey, gin and beer suppliers, and harness the Irish advantage today!

Speaker: Malcolm Leoi

Southeast Asia Market Specialist, Bord Bia – Irish Food Board

14:45 – 15:30

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Myth vs. Realities of SEA’s Wine Market: Ongoing Uncertainties, Key Trends & Uncommon Opportunities for Buyers & Sellers

The Asian wine market is diverse and complicated. With the uncertainty of long-term Covid implications, ongoing uneven recoveries in Asia Pacific and the volatile Chinese wine import market, opportunities for producers and buyers appear more intricate than just five years ago. After an abysmal 2020 with intense declines, alcoholic beverage are expected to gain more than +2% in volume and more than +4% in retail value by the end of 2021 (IWSR Drinks Market). As China’s implementation of anti-dumping policy has just begun, it will take a while longer for its market influence to be reflected. Spirits started to outperform wine in the alcoholic beverage recovery in Asia, as China imports show a year-on-year increase of 11.7% already.
Despite these steep declines, Asia-Pacific still ranks high in the global wine market, with a value share of 26% and accounted for value and volume sales of US$81,948.9 million and 3,589.5 million liters, respectively, in 2020. To untangle the intricacies in the market, the panel will discuss:

  • Will economy brands do better than premium brands now as Covid-19 trapped US$111 billion of luxury spending in China alone?
  • What are smart buyer decisions in this current economic climate?
  • Has Covid increased consumer loyalty?
  • With more vaccines available will the pre-Covid reality return?
  • Does Working-from-Home mean same habits but different location?
  • Will e-commerce growth slow down or return to pre-covid levels?
  • What impact will Asia’s vineyards expansion have on the market development?

Enjoy a discussion between leading wine producers, Master of Wine and trade experts on the SEA markets shifts, pitfalls and novel strategies to bounce back with the emerging trends.

Speaker: Paolo Fassina

Area Manager, Castello di Banfi, North Asia

Speaker: Judy Chan

CEO & Executive Director, Grace Wine Holdings Limited

Speaker: Lulie Halstead

CEO, Wine Intelligence

Moderated by: Robert Joseph

Wine Business Consultant, Editorial Consultant, Meininger’s Wine Business International

15:30 Closing Day 1

Relieve today’s highlights and learn about what’s happening on day 2!

*Singapore time (UTC+8)

Note: The programme is accurate at time of update and may be subject to change.

10:30 Welcome to FHA Match: Drinks

  • What are the highlights?
  • How to get the most out of FHA Match?
  • How to connect with other delegates?
10:35 – 11:00

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Trend Curves Report 2021 – Low & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Join WGSN’s knowledge partner session to understand the most dynamic trends and hidden consumer shifts in this data-packed forecast. WGSN reveals the top trends in the low and no alcoholic drinks category by analyzing the personas that are impacting its growth. The WGSN Trend Curve uses proprietary data sources, machine-learning technology and analytics interpreted by WGSN’s Food & Drink trend forecasting strategists to track trend growth through four stages of adoption. In this session, WGSN Food & Drink Director, Kara Nielsen, will reveal the dynamic growth of low-and-no alcohol beers, spirits, cocktails and wines, as this growing category meets updated health, wellness and lifestyle needs and generates consumer engagement and creativity.

Speaker: Kara Nielsen

Director, Food & Drink, WGSN

11:00 – 11:45

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The 0% Customer: Does the Pandemic Punch lead to Drier F&B Times in Asia?

Fewer drinkers, changing consumer tastes, tightening restrictions on alcohol and, of course, the pandemic are a sober reality for the industry, but companies have the chance to capture a new generation of customers if they can mix the right cocktail to appeal to changing tastes. Pivoting to lower or zero alcohol content may hold some promise as drinks culture yields to pandemic and social change with consumers seek high quality products in a variety of ways.

On the other hand of the spectrum, mixologists and bar professionals hope to serve up well-crafted alcoholic punches and fine balanced cocktails soon again as vaccination rates continues to grow and consumers long to return to nightlife entertainment. To discuss market shifts at F&B outlets and bars join this panel to understand more on:

    • 0% consumers vs traditional nightcrawlers: What’s the difference and how to target them?
    • Shots & Shots – Cocktails, Vaccines and Asia’s Pivoting Bar Industry
    • Lockdowns, experiences, new local and altered alcohol entertainment
    • New tastemakers: home mixology in the age of social commerce?
    • Beyond Quarantinis: The Bartenders Choice 2022
Speaker: Ben-David

Pushers Craft Beverages

Speaker: Dannie Sorum

Pushers Craft Beverages

Speaker: Minway Chi

CEO, Bootleggers Trading

Speaker: Zander Lauritzen Hansen

President, Danish Bartender Association, Founder Mixology International

Speaker: Colin Chia

Committee Member, Singapore Cocktail Bar Association

Moderated by: Ivy Woo

Co-Founder, Singapore Cocktail Festival, Director FoodNews

11:45 – 12:05

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BevTech’s Evolving Priorities: Innovating FMCG’s for Asia’s Dynamic Drinks Markets

The International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) will lay out how manufacturers may best prepare for further changes in the Asian drinks markets as “pandemic habits” appear to stay and sugar tax hikes, health regulations and sustainability policies are to shift the market landscape further.
The webinar will discuss the scientific and technical aspects that will have the most relevance for the non-alcoholic beverage industry to move forward with Covid. The session will explore in particular:

  • Covid’s recessionary effects
  • Sustainability & packaging challenges for soft drinks
  • Ingredients evolution from plant-based, functional & milk
  • Craft sodas & rise of the local brands
  • Sugar tax, health and innovation

Join this session to find a smarter path in the Asian beverage business adapting to emerging opportunities.

Speaker: Sean Herrington

Co-Chair ISBT BevTech Asia Pacific, JW Industrial Instruments Maselli, Asia Pacific

12:15 Content Closer: FHA Match – Drinks Edition

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