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Consumers hold companies most responsible for sustainability issues—but also think they can make a difference

8 July 2021 by Mintel


[July 2021] Consumers around the world believe companies are the most responsible for a whole host of sustainability issues, but also acknowledge that consumer behaviour can make a difference, according to the latest research from the newly-released Mintel Sustainability Barometer.

Almost half (48%) of global consumers believe companies are responsible for increasing the amount of packaging that is recycled, while only a quarter (25%) believe responsibility lies with consumers and just a fifth (20%) with governments. Meanwhile, two in five (41%) global consumers believe that companies are responsible for reducing emissions from air transport, compared to 36% who believe it’s up to governments, and just 12% who think it is the responsibility of consumers.

Despite this, over half of consumers (54%) also believe we still have time to save the planet and 51% think their own behaviour can make a positive difference to the environment. This is especially the case for Canadian (65%), Italian (64%), German and Spanish consumers (59% respectively) and 56% of British consumers.

The new Mintel Sustainability Barometer features research and insight on consumers’ sustainability attitudes, behaviours, and purchase preferences across 16 countries, and offers recommendations for brands based on best-in-class innovations, communications, and campaigns.

The Mintel Sustainability Barometer is available for free download here.

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